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Venetian Blinds (Metal & PVC)

The Luxaflex® Venetian Blind collection offers beautiful light control with a stunning range of fashionable colours, rich textures and exclusive designs to transform any window with a style that is completely your own.

Quality is the hallmark of Luxaflex® Venetian Blinds, which are made with highly resilient aluminium slats that won’t lose their shape.


Sophisticated and unobtrusive. A combination of optimal see-through with superb light control.




For an excellent balance of visual style and outstanding durability. Featuring the widest range of colour choices, finishes and textures, including numerous sophisticated perforation options.


Functional, reliable, and timeless. Ideal for medium to large-sized windows. Effortlessly control and direct the light in your room with the simple twist of a wand.




A striking design classic. A newly re-engineered look featuring gracefully rounded slat corners with options for custom perforations at the slat ends or near the pull cords for an enhanced sense of retro style.



To extend our offering for every size of window, particularly for larger windows in your home or office.


Venetian Blinds are available in an unrivalled spectrum of contemporary colours and finishes; soft pastels, sophisticated variations of white, stunning metal looks.



Couture Collection

Studio/Lounge design

Featuring unexpected patterns, our Lounge design creates a fresh new perspective for Venetian Blinds with a stylist, retro look in contrasting colour combinations.

Couture Collection

Flock de Luxe design

This unique tactile design has a rich, plush texture inspired by rippling water and delicate floral designs including Secret Creek, Wild Garden and Natural Knits.



Combine aluminium slats with warm wood

The same as Ellisse® but now with warm wood design accents. Wood insert in the aluminium head rail and wood bottom rail.

Designer look

Fusion Special option: a decorative aluminium valance and bottom rail.



Double the view

This blind offers you that extra view and privacy control that you might be looking for. This blind closes as a normal 25 mm blind, but when you open it, a MegaView® outside view is presented, by doubling the view through to the outside.

Fabric tapes

A great way to personalize your blind and match your interior style.



Tilt & turn window solution

Frontfix is specifically designed for tilt and turn windows and can be fully integrated into the window frame. Side guides, incorporated within the system, maintain the blind in position when window is angled open.


The new LiteRise® cordless system makes raising, lowering and tilting easier than ever.
Simply push up to raise, pull down to lower and tilt with the same movement, your blind stays right where you want it to be.

Top Down / Bottom Up

The ultimate in versatility: operate blinds from the top down, the bottom up or a combination of the two. Convenient button operation for tilting the slats. Available with 16 and 25 mm slats.

Crank operation

Our special crank operation integrates both lift and tilt functions into one easy-to-use crank.


Varioflex a Luxaflex® patented design with unique benefits. The blind is divided in two sections and in each section the tilting can be controlled independently. You can open the bottom or the top part of the blind separately, depending on your light and privacy requirements.

Sustainable solutions

Luxaflex® Venetian Blinds (out of 98% recycled aluminium, produced in The Netherlands) are fabricated according to the highest quality standards. High performance finishes enhance the thermal and visual properties of Luxaflex® Venetian Blinds.


A wide variety of Luxaflex® products are offered with motorised options that allow the product to be operated at the touch of a button. The remote control operation or wall switch eliminates operating cords for enhanced child safety and user comfort.

Tensioned models

These systems are designed to fit neatly into the frame of your windows, doors and skylights and eliminate the need for free hanging cord loops.



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